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Italian Medieval and Renaissance Theatre and Spectacle Pages


This is Nerida Newbigin’s homepage for research on Medieval and Renaissance Italian Theatre and Spectacle, carried out since 1969. The first stage of the site went live in June 2009, and additional material will be added in the coming months.

I acknowledge with gratitude the assistance of the University of Sydney Library, the Australian Research Council, the Harvard Center for Renaissance Studies Villa I Tatti, and of the libraries and archives throughout the world that have preserved and made available the printed books and manuscripts that are the basis of my research.

The site contains transcriptions, texts and translations prepared in conjunction with various aspects of my research and teaching on

  1. the drama of fourteenth-century Umbria

  2. the spectacle and drama of fifteenth-century Florence

  3. the Confraternity of the Gonfalone in Renaissance Rome

  4. the comedy of sixteenth-century Florence

  5. the comedy of sixteenth-century Siena

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Many of the texts are imperfect. I welcome discussion, correspondence, correction of errors and notification of broken links:

In due course the site will be moved to a permanent repository, but it will remain accessible to scholars.


Transcriptions, Texts, and Translations